Akashic New Moon Series

What are in the cards for you this New Moon?

I love the energy of the New Moon and how it builds as the Crescent Moon brings the first light over the next few days. In this New Moon video we look at how the Akashic Field, the drawing of a divination card, and how our daily experience comes together. Often we don't see this until we look back at what has been happening, rather than feeling it in the moment. I share how this happened for me over the month of July. I hope you enjoy the message for how to best approach events that come your way until the next New Moon in August.

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Show Me More!

Hello Mary, It was such a treat to open my inbox and find your video waiting there. You did a lovely job of producing it. It truly resonated with my new moon experience. Though I had not planned on it, I tackled a major cleaning and organizational project yesterday, not even having connected it to the energy of the new moon. I found it so affirming to hear your story of clearing space with your daughter. I am quite aware of the cycles; the waning and dark moon time my are "favorite", however, I didn't make the connection that it likely prompted the progress I made yesterday until I watched your video. I look forward to using the "cancel this" technique in my thought clearing practice. How nice to have yet another tool for this important work. Thank you for creating. Thank you for sharing. With love and gratitude.


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