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Akashic Records Video Series

Life & the Akashic Records

Death is our greatest fear. The Akashic Record shows us that we never really die. We reincarnate many times within the Wheel of Life as we learn our lessons and journey back to our Source.

← Fate & Free Will

Learn what part fate or destiny (the plan) plays in our lifetimes, and how this interacts with our free choice and free will

In Between Lifetimes →

Learn what we do in between lifetimes in our heaven worlds.

← Soul Contracts & Birth Families

We are most often incarnating with people whose souls we have incarnated with in many other lifetimes. We have obligations, agreements, contracts and plans with these people, made by our souls.

Love, Romance, Significant Others →

The nature of these obligations literally brings us together as we live - at the right time and the right place. Our birth families, beloveds, friends, work and business partners all come through to us in this way! →

← Viewer Questions

Karma →

Karma is a balancing act. It is the effect of a cause; the result of a thought, word or action. Karma is also based on intention. We have both positive and negative karma, and based on the intentions of our thoughts and actions in our day-to-day lives.

Soul Groups

Soul Groups are to Souls as Nationalities and Ethnicities are to Human Beings.

← Earthers (Have always incarnatedon Earth), Maldec (now the Astroid Belt), Sirians (Dolphins, Whales & Crystal Technologies)

Alpha Centauran (Heroes), Draconan (Villains), Hadaran (Targets) →

Soul Groups

← Mintaka - Free Choice & Free Will in the Light

Polaris - Unity consciousness, embrace diversity

Pleaides - Messengers of the New Age

→ Crystals - Lessons of Love for the New Millennium

Rainbows - What is most important in life

← Spirit Guides

Why do we have Spirit Guides? They communicate through intuition and share inner wisdom with you in every moment.

Changing Our Contracts →

Soul Contracts, like human contracts, may need to be adjusted and modified for many reasons. A contract that is fulfilled need not continue. If one party to a contract chooses not to fulfill their part, does the contract even continue to exist?

← Good & Evil

Does this enhance life? ("Good") Diminish? ("Evil")

Some ways to discuss polarity, duality, good and evil without triggering PTSD ; )

Why are you here? Literally! →

Akashic insights on location, geography, and what it means "to be here."

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