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Ever feel like the story you have been told about life, how it works, what the purpose of it is, how it ends, and why things happen the way they do just doesn't make sense?

There is a different perspective. Discover it with me, Dr. Mary, by learning to read the Akashic Records through the Soul Profile & Clearing System.

Through this course, you can gain profound insights into your personality, your experiences, your relationships, and the world around you. You will also, when you have completed each class, be prepared to be an Akashic Consultant within the first 12 months. This is a modality that will inspire your intuition, and prepare you for even deeper healing work.

You receive your private login to access the class materials: the video classes, audio recordings and workbook materials. You will also have email support from me, your instructor, as well as phone and video call availability.

This course is taught in a chronological sequence. Here is the Curriculum:

Introduction to the Akashic Records; Setting Sacred Space

Pendulum Dowsing & Muscle Testing

The Core Soul Essence

The Sacred Energy Realms

Calibrations, Dimensions & Color Rays

Soul Groups - Soul Ships

Soul Groups - Physical Ships & Others

Soul Characteristics

Soul Clearing Diagnostics

Soul Clearing & Shielding

Property Clearing & Shielding

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Full Course Tuition: $1850.

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What Students Have to Say - throughout 20 years of learning to read the Akashic Records with Dr. Mary...

"Mary is a wonderful, supportive teacher. She is always there to teach, answer questions or just have a discussion. She does not just give you the curriculum and teach you how to use the pendulum; she supports you in your path to uncovering what the Akashic Records imply about the divinity of life. She is both a resource and a friend to confide in when you just need someone to talk to about the ways of the world (especially in cases where other people might think you’re crazy).  

The work itself is a wonderful way of opening up your mind. As you most likely know, we are not walking our paths alone, and using the pendulum/accessing the Akashic Records is a great way to interact with your spirit guides. Throughout levels 1 – 4 I got to know my guides. Meaning, I started to notice a distinct presence; beginning with just a specifically sweet smell and ending now with a feeling that I am sitting in a room with my best friends. From the lessons Mary has taught me and my contemplation of the work, my intuition has deepened and I have begun see the world in a much more magical way. My enhanced intuition is a wonderful gift that I am very thankful for.  

After completing all four levels, I have begun to do Akashic readings and clearings for my friends and family. It is quite wonderful to discover their origins and see their excitement over their soul’s essence. I will continue to do readings and clearings as a means to help people understand and heal their souls. 

Thanks so much Mary!"

- Samantha -

"I had my first Soul Reading with Mary Baxter in Oct. 2002, shortly after my mother passed. I felt something wasn’t right and she found my mother was earthbound. Instinctively, I knew it. I’d been clairvoyantly trained and performed readings and healings for my clients but this work was different. Mary gave me specific detailed information that she had no way of knowing about me and my family. It was life changing. I knew I had to learn to do this so I could help others find their soul purpose. After the initial reading, she trained me to do readings and clearings in the months to follow. We made phone appointments and went through a binder of information at my own pace. She made sure I “got it.” The information we bring forward is much more detailed and therefore more user friendly in daily life.  

It’s the best! Thank you, Mary for this wonderful gift."  

- Sharon Caren Teacher, Writer, Healer, Pacifica, CA-

"Over the past few months I have taken Levels 1 – 4 with Mary Baxter on a one-to-one basis. It has been quite an experience – an exciting journey in fact – which has taught me a great deal of new information on many levels.  

Getting in tune with the pendulum was the initial challenge for me and quite wonderful when I just knew that it was being accurate. I first realized this when I was doing calibrations and it was so meticulous to the exact number. Initially this was slow but has now sped up with practice.  

There was also the new terminology and understanding this work at a deeper level. The layouts for the “Soul Profiles and Clearings” and “Property Clearings” had to be mastered. Then I began to see the “bigger picture” and learned not to be judgmental. Every case is unique in its own way.  

Mary has always been there for me, answering emails between class sessions – ever patient and supportive in every way. She has such an insight into this kind of work with her many years of experience and has shared this with me.  

Now I am at the end of my Levels 1 – 4 training and have the confidence to offer these readings to others. I know that my own experiences in the future will add to my readings and bring a richer dimension to this very important work. My intuition – although subtle – is certainly improving.  

I am also sure that Mary will continue in the future to support me if I come across anything I need to share and get advice on. I value and respect her insights.  

I would recommend these classes to anyone contemplating taking this step."  

- Maria Rose Austin – Scotland -

"I had never heard of such a thing as an Akashic reading, until sometime last summer a dear friend suggested I get one for my son. After contacting Mary and experiencing first hand the depth and the profound nature of this type of clearing and reading, I was hooked. A voice within me stirred and spoke clearly that I must learn to do this for myself. That voice is never wrong and I like to follow its guidance whenever possible.  

A few months and a few readings later (I have a large family) I was able to begin classes with Mary.  

Each class seemed to go by so quickly. The process of using my intuition took on many facets. It was not limited to reading the records, but began showing up in all aspects of my life. I learned to trust the signals I received from my body, my reactions to situations…those subtle knowings that seem unconnected to the task at hand. The more I read, the more comfortable I became with my pendulum and the more trusting I became of myself. As always Mary’s guidance and acceptance of MY PROCESS was essential. Her support of my work gave me the foundation from which to begin. I also appreciated the simple and organized way in which she presented the material. It made something that on the surface appeared to me out of reach, imminently discernible.  

I have finished the various levels she offered, and admit that I will miss Wednesdays at noon with Mary. I close, knowing that her ability and willingness to teach have been and remain a blessing for me and anyone else who chooses to engage in her classes. I begin and end each day with this simple question…”Am I using my tools?” Regardless of the answer, I forever have a path that has opened my world to a multi-dimensionality that is infinite and amazing! 

Thank you Mary. Many Blessings!"

- Margarett -