Pendulum Dowsing

All our gemstone energy tools are charged with Akashic energy and blessed with Reiki

Gift Sets

The Classic Pendulum Package. 

This treasure includes : 

Getting Started With Your Pendulum Book - paperback book and Video Course

100% Silk 17x17" dowsing cloth

The Classic 14k gold filled Quartz crystal pendulum - Order Below

And check out our Custom Pendulum & Pendulum Bracelet Packages.

Classic Kit

Custom Penulum Braclet Kit

Custom Pendulum Kit

Order The Classic Package for : $67 

Submit Order Form for your Personalized Pendulum or Bracelet Pendulum Package!  $ 87


Each of our pendulums is made by hand upon order. Creative variations keep each one original. We work with 14k gold filled and sterling silver metals. 14k gold is available upon request. 

Personalized orders are welcome. Purchase your pendulum below and tell us what you would like in the comments section. We will reach out to you to finalize the details!

Classic Quartz Crystal 14k Gold Filled Pendulum

The Classic Pendulum -  $27!

Pendulum Jewelery

Each pendulum bracelet and necklace is made by hand upon order, variatiations can be expected. We work with 14k gold filled and sterling silver metals. 14k gold is available upon request. 

Personalized requests are welcome. Contact us below to order your one-of-a-kind hand made pendulum necklace or braclet....or both! 

Prices range from $30 and up depending on the gemstones and metals used. 

Getting Started with your Pendulum

This book will guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know to become confident in your pendulum dowsing. You will learn what intuition is and the science behind it, how to select your pendulum, bless and cleanse your pendulum, train your pendulum, how to ask clear questions, and ideas to get you started. 

Purchase for $10
Getting Started with Your Pendulum Video Course - Purchase for $27

Quartz Rings

Our Quartz Crystal Rings are excellent gemstone energy healing tools. The surfaces of the spherical forms gather your life force energy information, process this information within their own crystalline matrix, and then radiate all of the 7 Color Rays in the most life enhancing formula just for you. You may put them on your Chakras or on any area of the body that is experiening pain or tension. 

We offer frosted quartz and clear quartz crystal rings for Chakra Healing and Balancing. Each purchase comes in a beautiful fabric pouch with directions for use. You can purchase individually or as a set of 7. You can also DIY with our kit! 

The DIY kit includes 49 quartz crystal spheres, 8-10mm, frosted or clear (your choice) and white silk ribbon. (Vegan options available upon request)

Clear Quartz Rings have a strong healing energy.

Set of 7 Frosted Quartz Rings

Frosted Quartz Rings have a gentle healing energy.

Clear Quartz Rings with precious gemstones. 

Single Ring $40+ (depending on gemstones used)

Set of 7 $280+ (depending on gemstones used)

Ruby, Carnelian, Citrine, Emerald, Blue Saphire, Indigo, Amathyst. Other gemstones can be used, please specify your desired gemstones in your order.

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