Expand Your Intuition

Mary Baxter, PhD

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We live in incredible times.  

Contradictory and biased information is presented as factual in media, our education systems, and science. Who and what are we to believe?  

Within our grasp is knowing the truth in every situation and circumstance. We can access this truth quickly and efficiently by using our intuition in precise ways.  

Our mission is to teach you how to think for yourself and make decisions from your highest intelligence. Here is a course designed to do exactly that ~

Your Intuition Course:

Where you now have self-doubt and confusion, you will discover the confidence of having your inner wisdom as your guide. 

Intuition is an innate language, naturally available to everyone, that has been specifically untaught and hidden from us over many generations. As a student in this course, you will become fluent in the language of intuition to access your inner wisdom at will.

You will learn and apply proven methods for making your best positive choices in all areas of your life: work, career, life purpose, finances, relationships: significant others, extended family, friendships, business relationships, relationships with acquaintances, health decisions, and how to identify and overcome obstacles to your success - in a logical, practical manner.  


Purpose of the Course

To Gain Control Over Your Mind: Move from Fear & Anxiety to Calm & Centered  

Develop skill with Bio-Feedback Tools: Pendulum Dowsing & Muscle Testing 

Integration of Your Rational Mind with Your Intuitive Mind

Course Organization

Use these video classes in this order:

Intuition and How it Works

Use of Bio-feedback Tools: Pendulum Dowsing & Muscle Testing

How to Ask Questions, Make Statements

Practical Daily Applications

Use these videos in any order you choose.

Intimate Relationships

Extended Family

Friends and Acquaintances

Work, Jobs and Dreams

Work/Career & Life Purpose

How to Choose Your Next Step, Every Time

Health & Healing

Time & Money

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