Mary Baxter, PhD

A Love Story

Brenda is an herbalist and the chef of her vegan catering business.  She is loved by her friends for her gentle and kind ways. She is passionate about her work and driven to succeed. 

She felt frustrated in love, though.  She wanted to be with her soul mate, to experience that bond of love, have children and build a life together.  She said she had been in relationships, but they just did not work out.


Her Akashic Record showed she had one soul contract for a lasting love relationship in this lifetime.  Often a person will have 2 or 3 of this type of relationship agreement, but for her, there is only this one.


Her Akashic Record showed that her Divine Complement is incarnated in this lifetime and this is the match. Her Record also showed they had met, knew each other, and now they were not together. 

I asked her what happened?

Brenda knew immediately who it was and totally objected to the idea.  All the images of the things about him that had turned her away flooded back. She described them and how she could never go back to that.

They had been together in college and for about a year after they graduated.  He had a habit or two that she couldn't stand.  She was highly motivated and driven by her passions. He was very laid back, couldn’t seem to follow through on anything, and seemed to be going nowhere.  She broke up with him over this and had not seen him in several years.

Her Spirit Guides were all over the idea that it was time for her to look his way again. 

He had moved back home, several states away.  I could see he had not been seriously involved with anyone else since the break-up with Brenda.

So, while Brenda wanted to find the fabulous attraction, the chemistry, and the incredible connection she had found with her Divine Complement, she couldn’t see it working in the long run – unless he changed.  And he had not changed in her time frame.  The habits were something she refused to live with. Good boundary setting, right?

Yet the Guides were like:  "Call him.  Just call him."  Say hello and find out what is happening with him after years of silence. Since Brenda had asked to receive this information and knew she wasn't having any success doing what she had been doing, she decided it would not hurt to make one simple phone call. Even if it was just to prove the guidance was wrong.

Well, Joe was amazed to hear from Brenda.  Really, he was overjoyed.  It seemed like a miracle. She had been so clear and firm that she didn't want to know him any longer when she had ended the relationship. After she had sent him packing, he had moved on to become a skilled wood working craftsman.  He found this work very satisfying - much better than when he was a social worker. Old habits had just dropped away.

Brenda and Joe planned a visit. Just a few days together confirmed the situation for both of them. 

They married a few months later and are very happy to have found each other again. 

2023 Post Script: (A few years have gone by, and I just saw online they have had a baby.)