Akashic Consulting Session

Includes a phone or video session with mp3 recording; or email session.

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If there was ever a time for you to have an Akashic Consulting Session, this is it!

In your Akashic Consulting session(s), your Akashic Records are opened and your Spirit Guides and Angels are fully engaged.  

As you express your concerns, the related information from your Akashic Record is illuminated and the guidance and direction of your Spirit Guides and Angels is brought forward in very direct language, which you hear through me and through my voice.  

These sessions are very interesting, motivating and transformative. Unlike a conventional therapy session, your Spirit Guides and Angels are thrilled to have the opportunity to directly communicate their advice and direction to you. They will ask you very specific questions to guide your thoughts, and will give you very direct guidance and advice.  

By engaging in Akashic Consulting, your possibilities for true transformation and breakthrough are greatly enhanced.

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Mary when you told me what you saw intuitively as the next best step, I would have thought you were way off; except I have worked with you before. I know information isn’t always what we expect or what we feel resistant to. I decided to follow your advice and everything has turned out wonderfully and I’m where I need to be right now. Thanks for saying the hard stuff, that takes courage. 

- Kathleen -


All Akashic Reading sessions are paid in advance by credit card or personal check, and are non-refundable.

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