Mary Baxter, PhD

Soul Clearing Checkup

Includes a Phone or Video Session

Because you are a Soul having a physical incarnation, you are deeply affected by many inter-dimensional frequencies, energies, thought forms and beings that you cannot see in the physical plane.

These energies, frequencies, thought forms and beings are attracted to you by your state of mind, and those in your surroundings. A lot of these experiences are super positive and inspiring. We welcome these and feel safe and loved with them.

However, in challenging times, when difficulties are giant, when traumas occur - the energies we attract can be quite negative and disruptive. Fear and anxiety become intense and the feelings become stuck - and the energies we have attracted won't let go. This can become chronic and leads to a loss of safety that we feel when we have shielding. Remember that great sense of lightness you had after your initial soul clearing? If it that feeling is gone, it is time for a Checkup.

Any interferences that are blocking you are identified in this reading, then cleared.

You will also receive a full set of protective shields.

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