Mary Baxter, PhD

Meet Your Spirit Guides

How many Spirit Guides do you have?

This is your personal team of Divine Angelic Beings totally devoted to you and helping you realize your life path and purpose. They organize opportunities and synchronicities that were decided on before you incarnated, and speak to you through your intuition.  

Learn what expertise each of your offer you, how they communicate with you, and their levels of consciousness. We learn if they have ever incarnated on Earth, and if any of them have been a Guide to you in any of your previous lifetimes. You may know some of them in between lifetimes. They will give you their names, and show you how they look. They will let you know how you can best communicate with them. You will be able to ask them questions and receive answers.

Meet Your Spirit Guides $300
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I feel a greater sense of safety and security since meeting my Guides. I really feel them around me wherever I go. I am starting to recognize when they are communicating with me – the difference between my thoughts and their messages. And I am using my pendulum now to help with this. Thank you!