Akashic University Memberships

Become a member! All courses are offered online. Membership information is available at the links below.

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Inner Wisdom Membership

This is a 12-month subscription where you will receive monthly trainings and quarterly live Q&A sessions with other members to become an expert at accessing your inner wisdom and applying it to your practical life situations such as work, career, life purpose, relationships, health and healing, time and money any time you choose. Click on the link to learn more and join!

This is a 12-month subscription so that you can participate in a monthly webinar that includes instruction and demonstrations, where you actively participate and practice what you learn. You will become experienced in reading Soul Profiles and doing Soul Clearings and Property Clearings by the end of the 12 months of your membership. You will be able to do these readings both personally and professionally as you choose.

“Our baby sleeps through the night now and is not afraid of his room!”  


- M.W. 2019

“After you cleared the home in Arizona, it sold in 20 days!”

S.D. 2018

“I knew the moment my shields were back up. I could feel it.”

- B.D. 2019


All Akashic Readings are paid in advance by credit card, and are non-refundable. If you would like a payment plan or prefer another method of payment, please call or email me. 

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