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Past Lives : Reincarnation

This Past Life Reading begins with the most significant past life, among all of your reincarnations, to the one you are living now, and it will relate specifically to your current relationships and experiences. This reading can greatly enhance your understanding of what you are experiencing now, and provide new insight and understanding of current conditions.  

Depending on your interests, other lifetimes will be read that directly relate to your concerns. Because we are reading your Akashic Record, you have access to information about others’ past lives as they have shared the lifetime with you. Understanding your relationships with parents, spouses, partners, and children, or with significant business and work associates and neighbors, from this reincarnation perspective, provides fascinating background to your experiences with them here and now.  

Profound healing can also take place as karmic connections, agreements and contracts are illuminated, providing opportunities for the transformation of old patterns that may no longer serve you.

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I never realized I was incarnating with so many people I had past lives with! Hearing the stories, especially with my family members, of the past life we shared in France in the 1400s - now that was powerful! I understand our relationships in a whole new way. This has helped me just let go of so much that was bothering me. And I won’t be visiting this Thanksgiving, either! Thank you!

- L.P.-

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