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Relationship Reading

In this Relationship Reading you will learn about the Contracts and Agreements, Past Lives, and/or Special Soul Relationships you share with the most significant person in your life.  

What's your Relationship Question?

-Am I with my soul mate? -Will I ever meet someone special? -Is the person I am with now the right one for me? -Why did I choose this person?

Or discover the soul connections you have with your children, friends or others who are significant in your life.

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-What is a Soul Mate, a Divine Complement, Twin Flame, or Soul Twin?  

These questions are among the most frequently asked during a Soul Profile or Spirit Guide Reading. Spend this hour session focusing completely on your most significant relationships. It’s all about the Love !

A Love Story

Brenda is an herbalist and the chef of her vegan catering business.  She is loved by her friends for her gentle and kind ways. She is passionate about her work and driven to succeed. 

She felt frustrated in love, though.  She wanted to be with her soul mate, to experience that bond of love, have children and build a life together.  She said she had been in relationships, but they just did not work out.

Her Akashic Record showed she had one soul contract for a lasting love relationship in this lifetime.  Often a person will have 2 or 3 of this type of relationship agreement, but for her, there is only this one.

Her Akashic Record showed that her Divine Complement is incarnated in this lifetime and this is the match. Her Record also showed they had met, knew each other, and now they were not together

I asked her what happened? (Click here to read more...)

Relationship Reading - $300

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