Soul Profile & Clearing Report Sample

Akashic Reading – Soul Profile & Clearing Date of Reading

Name – April 22, 1978

You are a Light Being.
This means that you have chosen to be in the flow of the love and light of Creator Energy, honoring free choice and free will for yourself and others. This comprises approximately 15% - 20% of the Earth’s population. The other 80% - 85% of the population consists of individuals who are open to disruption – about 70% of the population is fully open to all energies: light and dark. About 15% to 20% of the population are fully disruptive, and not open to the light at all. This soul status is a choice, and every individual has the capacity to change in a moment.

Soul Profile Energy Training Realms

Between lifetimes, as we continue our lives as Soul in the Astral Planes, we learn and train in particular energy realms that we make use of during our Earth incarnations. Your Energy Training Realm is:

The realm of Nature, Compassion, Earth Mother & Sacred Goddess The Element of Earth
The direction – North
The Root Chakra
Archangel Auriel’s Realm

Those trained in this energy realm bring us the healing energy of the Earth Mother. The healing energies and technologies of the Earth are often fascinating and useful for these individuals. Compassionate, tolerant, and unconditional in their love, they can be easily taken advantage of and manipulated by those who misuse compassion. Their moveable boundaries need the balance of the Mother Lioness part of their training. Wonderful friends, parents and partners, their compassion is greatly needed on our planet.

Often tolerance is taken to an extreme by these compassionate Souls. When out of balance, they are victims, or in victim consciousness. The story behind this lies in the original androgynous angel that ruled this realm, who split at the time of the Lucifer Rebellion. Uriel became Lucifer, the fallen angel! And so, Auriel, in her compassion and understanding of this part of her being, can show too much compassion for the dark side, and be manipulated and harmed by it. Individuals from this realm of training benefit from being reminded to look at the Light, to focus there, and let go of the dark side.

Soul Group

The Soul Group is for the Soul as the concept of nationality is for the human incarnation. Your soul group is:


Hadarans understand at their soul level that love is at the core of life. They are capable of consciously carrying the energy of divine. They can be playful, creative, and live from the heart. Hadarans incarnate on Earth with the strong desire to know all about love in the human experience. They tend to feel deeply saddened by the lack of love that permeates much of humanity.

Within Hadaran soul history is the memory of a great betrayal of their trust in the inherent goodness of others, through the manipulation and enslavement experienced at the hands of the Draconans. The planet Hadar, which revolves around the star Beta Centauri, held the beacon of the energy of divine love and radiated this energy throughout the universes. The Draconan race of beings wanted to control this power and came to Hadar in the guise of friendship and curiosity. The Hadarans, naively trusting this group of beings without checking in with higher consciousness guides, were soon enslaved, realizing too late that the Draconans’ motivation was to distort the energy of love and manipulate it to serve their own self-interests – interests influenced by the desire to have supreme control, and not honoring the law of free choice and free will.

Hadarans are therefore very sensitive to the energies of manipulation and may tend to hide out. They may also support causes that champion the underdog. An interesting quality of many Hadarans is an ability to step outside of time – for example, leaving late for an appointment, yet somehow arriving on time.

You will likely have past life and karmic connections with the Alpha Centauran and Draconan soul groups.

Alpha Centauran

Alpha Centauri, the nearest sun to our solar system, is the home of this group of very spiritually advanced souls. They travel in physical ships in the Earth’s energy field, as well as in other Universes. In relation to the Earth, they serve us by protecting the planet from negative races of beings, particularly the Draconans, the Greys and other ET types.

Some Alpha Centaurans incarnate deliberately on Earth, while others have chosen to do so after an accident, such as when a ship crashed. Often these are tall, blond, Nordic appearing people, very attractive, with unusually colored eyes. There are not many Alpha Centaurans incarnating, and they may tend to be loners, as they often do not have soul mates or many personal relationship contracts

here. They can seem to have a touch of arrogance about them, an aloofness grounded in their differentness from most groups incarnating on this planet.

These Souls tend to have great compassion towards the Earth mission, are devoted to protecting all beings on Earth from negativity and helping us to move beyond negative influences. They are helping Earth move into self-sufficiency and are firm in the belief that the Creator Source lives within each one. Alpha Centaurans are visionary, generators of innovative ideas. They are fearless in the face of destructive influences and are intellectually gifted.


Draconans come from the star system of Eta Draco. A very technologically advanced group of beings, they consider themselves a ‘superior’ race,’ destined, even obligated, to dominate what they see as ‘lesser races.’ Their technologies are those that involve mastery of manipulation and enslavement. They are known as a reptilian race, and Draconans incarnating as humans may have interesting reptilian physical characteristics. Hitler is an example of this soul group at its extreme negative manifestation.

This race of beings does not honor free choice and free will. These are most often the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Some are appalled by what their soul group has done and continues to do, and wish to counteract it.

The Alpha Centauran soul group is particularly focused on protecting vulnerable beings from Draconan manipulation and domination.


This number is a way of understanding your consciousness, the way you view and interpret, as well as act, in the world. The Map of the Scale of Consciousness is included at the end of this report. It was developed by David Hawkins, MD, and PhD, as a way of understanding these concepts. By reading the descriptive words that go with the numbers on the map, you understand the level of consciousness you are at, as well as others. A basic key to this scale is that anything that calibrates above 200 is life enhancing, and anything that calibrates below 200 is not, and drains life force energy.

According to Dr. Hawkins' research, 85% of humanity calibrates below 200. A single person calibrating at 400 offsets the negativity of 400,000 who calibrate below 200. At 500, one offsets 750,000 who calibrate below 200. Your calibration varies according to your behavior in thought, word, and action.

Your calibration is 492.

Colors That Enhance Life

The concept here is that we are essentially composed of vibrational energy, the frequencies of light and sound. Light is refracted into color rays, and as we come into our incarnation, moving from the white light of spirit into the physical, we choose the strength and lessons of our lifetime through the color rays. Wearing a necklace with your Strength and Lesson Rays is a powerful, comprehensive gemstone therapy. Gemstone elixirs can be effectively used for this purpose, also.

Strength Ray

The Strength Ray emphasizes the skills and talents in this lifetime. When the gemstone of this color ray is worn, it will also bring in all the other color rays in a balanced way, enhancing health and well-being on the physical, then emotional, then mental, and spiritual levels of being. Red

Ray Strengths - Ruby

The gemstone carrier of the red ray is ruby. The red ray is associated with the Root Chakra, divine love from the Earth Mother. This is the energy of our ancestors, of our sense of tribal connection. The red ray life system includes the entire chakra system and encompasses all parts of the physical and subtle bodies that provide strength and protection. In the physical body, this includes the muscles, tendons and fascia. You draw your greatest strength from your heart, and the heart must be clear. Follow your heart. When out of balance, there may be extremes of intense emotion, addictive relationships, and other distortions of divine love.

Life Lesson Color Ray

The life lesson ray represents challenges we have chosen to grow from in this life. There will be a lack of this color ray in the frequency of the physical and subtle bodies.

Yellow Ray Lessons – Yellow Sapphire and Citrine

With yellow as your life lesson ray, the physical body may experience challenges with elimination; the emotions may be touched with grouchiness, or there may be a lack of circulation in the emotions. The causal body may demonstrate the ability to see and know the past, but not have the ability to accept it. The mental body may show the ability to recognize what needs to be done, but then resist following through. This can look like internal conflict, confusion, questioning, and a tendency to keep very busy without being able to commit to a course of action.

The color yellow is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Here, we look at how we relate to ourselves, personally. What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? How do you take care of yourself, your health? A trap of the yellow incarnation ray is self-criticism and negative self- talk.

White Lights

You have 22 White lights. These can be envisioned as star-like beings of energy spinning around the upper chakras – 10th, 11th and 12th. They are earned, as well as given and received as healing gifts. The more you give, the more you receive.

To use them, you can picture reaching up and taking one in your hand, holding it in front of you, and imbuing it with energy. For example, if you feel a loved one, anywhere in the Universe, is in need of a particular energy, such as joy, peace, or love, you can imbue the white light with this energy, and shoot it through space to that individual, and they will be bathed in that energy. This is not a gift that lasts indefinitely. It is more like a healing shower that will be felt and internalized in the moment.

Another way to use your White Lights is direct them to outline the doorway of a building or room that you are going to enter. You might have a sense that a clearing of your energy field is needed due to the nature of the energies of the building or room. As you pass through the doorway, outlined by your White Lights, you will be cleared of any interfering energies. Then you will collect your White Lights back to your upper chakras.

Sacred Memberships

You are a member of the Great Light Sisterhood/Brotherhood, a group of positive beings, both physical at times and in other dimensions, who seek to further the development of life on Earth, including human beings. You are also a member of the Melchizedek Priesthood, which is a blessing order, meaning that you can offer blessings and “make things holy.” Here is an example of the Melchizedek Priesthood Blessing to raise the vibration of objects into the Light: Stroking your left hand over the object in a clockwise direction, say:

Creator of All Beings, Creator of All Beings, Creator of All Beings, Please place a blessing on this (________)

And tone it to the D# tone,
That it may be used in Love and Light and Truth,
In the Highest good of All,
Thank you.

This is a significant blessing that removes any negative charge that objects have picked up and are now in your possession or environment. A great one to use anytime you bring something new into your home, for example, new or used furniture, clothing, food, and so forth. If you sense something odd about an item, this type of prayer of intention clears and recharges it with life enhancing energy. This is both lovely and powerful.

Here is another Melchizedek blessing for the Keyway to the Heart:

Creator of All Beings (x3), Sacred Goddess (x3), Order of Melchizedek (x3)

Please open within my Divine Being the Light and the Blessing of the Order of Melchizedek.

Through this channel let a Blessing of Creator Love and Health be placed within the heart center and keyway of (Name).
May (Name) so receive the Light of Healing and the Blessing of Love.
Thank you.

You are also trained in The 3rd Order: Those trained in the 3rd Order have a special interest in assisting souls in transition, both those coming into the Earth plane at birth, and those leaving at the time of “death.” Soul transitions can be interfered with by negative energies, and a soul may require special 3rd order assistance to attain their heaven world. This is an example of a prayer request for this soul assistance.

Creator of All Beings (x3)
Archangel Michael (x3)
Brotherhood of the 3rd Order (x3)
Please provide a Third Order Escort for (name or description) and take them to their most correct Heaven World.

Thank you (x3)

Contracts: You are here to fulfill a Healing Contract. You have fulfilled this type of contract in many previous lifetimes. This indicates the over arching purpose of this lifetime for you.

Healing Contract: In a Healing Contract, there is the healer and the one or many that receive healing. It is natural to gravitate toward interests and professions that range from nurses and doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, musicians, dancers, writers, herbalists, workers in health food stores, organic farmers, and so forth, as well as to provide healing energy through whatever you do in your life. The result of the work is healing to others on the levels of body, mind, and spirit, the whole person. A healer expresses the reality of spirit and is open to that powerful dimension. Out of balance, a healing contract can look like enabling and co-dependence, where people seem to be locked in a situation where healing never takes place, just the constant need for healing.

You are also fulfilling a Grey Contract.

Grey Contract: This is a contract in which an individual has agreed to help another, no matter what. Essentially, this is a one-sided contract. The one fulfilling the contract has come forward, most likely in a past life situation, where he has seen someone in desperate need of help. Often those who would normally be expected to step forward and help the individual do not do so. He tells this soul that he will help, no matter what, and the other soul says: “O-okay.” These are usually unbalanced contracts. Perhaps they are workable in a parent / child relationship, but they are very difficult in relationships such as friendships or marriages. If one is fulfilling a grey contract, one often finds herself giving and giving and giving...and never receiving anything, even acknowledgement of help, in return. On the receiving end, an individual may expect that the contracted partner will simply help him without end, sitting back and doing nothing. Often these relationships look parasitic. This is a good contract to look at closely, make sure that it has been fulfilled, and then sever the contract.

You are the receiver of a Protection Contract and a Compassion Contract. They have not been fulfilled.

Protection Contract: This soul has promised to protect you and show you compassion, then does not.

Compassion Contract: Often these contracts are born of a situation of guilt. During a lifetime, this soul incarnating did something that harmed you, causing you to take a life path that you felt unprepared for. When this individual passed on to the Heaven Worlds and realizes the magnitude of his actions, he promised to make up for these harmful actions in another lifetime.

Soul Characteristics

You have experienced 879 lifetimes on Earth and 1,256 on Hadar.

You are a female soul. Most souls will be most comfortable incarnating as a male or as a female. This is not to say that they never incarnate as the opposite gender. They most often incarnate in the gender of soul they are most comfortable in, yet, to realize their intended life lessons and contracts, may well have lifetimes where they have incarnated with a specific purpose that is best suited to the opposite gender.

You have 2 Godsparks. These are amplified chakra locations that are like surge energy voltage, and you are giving and receiving energy and information through the Akashic Field and the Source of life. The first is located in the keyway to the heart, and is the direct connection to Source, or God. The second Godspark is activated in the Brow Chakra, the Third Eye, and this indicates psychic ability. There are those who may have a 3rd Godspark also as they evolve further in spirit.

You have 0% karma. Here, in measuring a percent, we are defining karma as justified guilt and it is something that would be transmuted through how one lives in this or other lifetimes.

You have 7 Spirit Guides, all working in your highest good. You can picture them standing in a semi- circle in front of you, spanning from left-to-right, and begin to get to know them more specifically. Our Spirit Guides are with us at all times, communicating with us and helping us to meet our soul’s plan for this lifetime. We also have a Guardian Angel who is with us in every incarnation, watching over us and caring for us. To turn our minds toward our Spirit Guides, who are filled with love and light and want to help us, we use our intuition. We can speak with our Guides, especially with our thoughts, and ask for their assistance, especially any time we feel ourselves becoming agitated or anxious.

Your Divine Complement is your husband.
Divine Complement: One’s Divine Complement is that perfect one that complements an individual in life. This is the soul mate, or twin flame, with which one’s soul begins the cycle of reincarnation, and the two beings that come from that moment. One is the feminine aspect, and the other is the masculine aspect. Incarnations with this individual are rare...and profound.

This can be a be the best or the worst experience. There will be intense attraction and commitment, even though the relationship may be totally dysfunctional and even abusive, at the extreme.


Through this clearing, 7 shields are placed around the personal energy field, encompassing the physical body, the subtle bodies, the aura and the Golden Web. The Golden Web is the outermost layer of the Aura or subtle bodies. When you hold your arms out to the sides and wiggle your fingers, that is where your Golden Web is. It looks like a weaving of glowing golden threads and has 144,000 intersection points, filled with information, like a hologram.

The shields can be pictured as 7 layers of an impermeable light substance, each shield being 13 inches thick, and radiating great light throughout your being. These shields protect you from disruptive interferences. Shields may be lost through disruption directed by others or even oneself; through becoming unconscious, as in an accident, through anesthesia; through substance abuse, leading to loss of consciousness, like alcoholic "black outs." The shields can also be lost through free choice and free will, choosing actions or behaviors that cause harm. Even if only a fraction of an inch of a shield left, one is still protected from disruptive energies directly entering the subtle bodies and chakra system.

Soul Clearing

At the time of this reading, you had 1 full shield plus 1 inch present. You had received 4 full shields at the beginning of this incarnation through your previous experiences in the light, and the loss indicates that since that time disruptive energies have them worn away, either gradually or suddenly. Because you have some shielding present, the disruptive energies described in this reading could not attach directly into your life energy system. Instead, they were interfering from outside of your shields.

Know that all the disruptive energies described in this report have been removed, and that you are now fully shielded from any new disruptions that might be attracted while you change patterns and habits that support the pre-clearing conditions.

The following 4 disruptive entities were interfering from outside of the shields:

At the back of the 6th or Brow Chakra (acting on intuitive information, the functioning of the rational mind and the intuitive mind working

together) a disruptive entity calibrating at 177 (scorn, arrogance) was found interfering and draining energy.

At the back of the 5th or Throat Chakra – (acting on your own free choice and free will, rather than trying to control others, or be controlled by others) a disruptive entity calibrating at 104 (fear, anxiety) was found interfering and draining energy.

At the front of the 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra – (self-esteem, feelings and relationship with oneself) a disruptive entity calibrating at 17 (shame, humiliation) was found interfering and draining energy.

At the 1st or Root Chakra – (safety, security, vitality, connection to Earth, to family, to tribe, to ancestors) a disruptive entity calibrating at 98 (fear anxiety) was found interfering and draining energy.

What are disruptive entities?

Disruptive entities interfere in our experiences, making life more difficult. There can be obsessive compulsions due to these interferences, as well as anxiety and confusion. Many disruptive entities are partial souls, parts of souls that have become separated from an entire Soul, often at the point of the death of the physical body, when a Soul can be vulnerable to interferences on the journey to the appropriate heaven world or astral plane. This is where the 3rd Order Training is so helpful.

The ancient Polynesian shamans of the Huna tradition, as well as other ancient shamanic teachings, describe the Soul as having three parts: a lower, middle and higher Self, and when incarnated into a human body, the three parts of the Soul are intertwined with the lower, middle, and higher self of the human being. In Western science, the lower (subconscious or unconscious) and middle (conscious) aspects of the human being are acknowledged, while the higher self is relegated to the status of superstition and is claimed to not be real. This obviously causes many dysfunctions in Western culture, as it misses a major part of what has been known to be real for hundreds of thousands of years, as passed on from generation to generation in all other cultures.

When the three aspects of a Soul experience a separation, for example, if a lower of middle part of the Soul is separated and lost, it can easily become influenced and take on very low levels of consciousness. These levels are described by calibrations below 200 on Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of the Scale of Consciousness. These partial souls are also easily manipulated by disruptive energies that intend to interfere with love, light and truth for their own purposes. Partial souls can also become ghosts and poltergeists. When they are within the Earth energy field, they may fixate on human beings for the purpose of gaining increased life force energy.

There are also varieties of other beings that are referred to as negative entities in these readings- greys, disruptive extraterrestrials, various reptilians, and so forth. In my readings I identify all such entities by their levels of consciousness, rather than descriptions of their appearances or origins.

Through your Clearing, the disruptive entities that were interfering have been removed and escorted by Angelic Beings to their correct place of evolution in the light, where they will be reminded that they can connect directly to Source, to Light, and they are likely to be reconnected to their missing parts. In this way, if the Soul is reunited as a lower, middle, and higher Self, the Soul may again evolve.

Disruption by entities can occur in our lives for a number of reasons. Often, when we experience a shock or disturbance, and temporarily react with a lower level of consciousness, such as fear, anger, or anxiety, these chaotic energies will attract entities that mirror the same energy and feed on the chaos. They may linger in an effort continue to trigger similar reactions in us. We can also be disturbed by these energies in relationship to the company we keep.

These entities have been removed by Angelic Beings and taken to their correct places of evolution in the light and will not return to the Earth plane.

The dents and damage to the Golden Web at these chakra sites have been healed.

There were 4 Negative Thought Forms and Anger Spears directed at you. These thought forms show up in the aura of a person like red rods. This is a situation where great anger and rage has been projected at a person and it is held in the subtle bodies in this way.

These Negative Thought Forms and Anger Spears have now been neutralized and dissipated into the Universal Substance.

There were 46 objects that held a disruptive charge and interfered with you. This charge has been transformed into a life enhancing energy now.

3 crystals out in the Universe were directing negativity toward you. These were related to efforts to limit the life missions of members of your soul group. This negativity has been transformed into positive, life enhancing energy.

You had an etheric implant located in your Emotional body. This was an implant placed through your Draconan connections and is used as a limiting and tracking device. It was powered by the lymphatic system in the Emotional body. It has been neutralized, and the “blip” is no longer on the screen. Angelic surgeons have removed it completely.

You had an Earthbound Soul calling to you. This was a female that you know and love. Her Soul agreed to move on and is now located in the #5 Positive Astral Plane.

There were 6 red fibers on the Golden Web. The Golden Web is like a weaving of golden fibers. Red fibers record serious compromises, where there was awareness of a better choice to be made, and it was ignored. Your Soul has acknowledged these compromises, and the red fibers have been replaced with the golden fibers of the Golden Web.

A limitation device, commonly referred to as a curse, was affecting you. It had been placed in the distant past and was directed at your Soul Group. Triggered in your life in 1995, it was directed at the life areas of Life Purpose, Intimate Relationships, Fun & Friendship, and Love of Self.

This limitation has been severed all the way back to the originating source, and all trigger mechanisms dissipated.

A disruptive energy projection of 57% was found in your soul memory (not feeling like yourself, a sense of distancing from your soul). This is a distortion of true Soul memory, projections from the various disruptive influences that have been cleared here. The result of these influences often feels very negative, yet it is not a part of the Soul’s history. The Soul memory passages have all been cleared and re-harmonized, and this disruptive energy is no longer present.

After these conditions were cleared, full shielding was placed.

Areas to Clear Further with Your Participation

3 past life vows to God were limiting you. All were vows of silence. These were all made in a single lifetime during the 1600s as a nun in the Catholic Church. These vows are for you to clear – You may want to perform a kind of ceremony, something that appeals to you, as these vows were made in ceremony. Here is a simple ritual:

Light a white candle and connect with Source (God, Goddess, Universal Energy, Your Higher Self) as you are comfortable. You can write the vows down on a slip of white paper. Talk to Source (through your thoughts or aloud) and take back these vows of limitation. You accept that you are here to live without them, to be responsible to express your own free choice and free will in the light. Then let the slip of paper burn in the candle flame. This ritual can be repeated from time-to-time, if you feel limitations of silence are triggered in you.

Wow! I never realized I was incarnating with so many people I had past lives with! Hearing the stories, especially with my family members, of the past life we shared in France in the 1400s - now that was powerful! I understand our relationships now in a whole new way. This has helped me just let go of so much that was bothering me. And I won’t be visiting this Thanksgiving, either! Thank you!

- L.P.-

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