Mary Baxter, PhD

Online Clearing

Having online web site or social media issues?

The same interferences found in your physical property clearing are present on the web, the internet:

These include positive and negative portalways, disruptive entities, ghosts, poltergeists, negative thought forms, implants and other disruptions.

FaceBook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat... or

Feeling Bullied? Stalked? Attacked? Forgotten? Ghosted? Hacked?

Online Business

Difficult Clients, Customers? Absurd Technical Obstacles?Challenging Employees & Service Providers? Censored? Hacked?

The online world is unique in its invisibility. Not quite in the 3rd Dimension, it reaches into the universal energy field in a unique way. Clearing and shielding your presence in this field is a gift to you, and a gift to the field.

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