Mary Baxter, PhD

Property Clearing

A Property Clearing will help you if:

  • You feel uneasy, anxious, disturbed at home; yet not when you go out to other places
  • If you are losing things - your keys, a jacket in your closet - and they show up again right where you just looked
  • Your child does not want to be in his room
  • Can't fall sleep - wakes during the night - nightmares or night terrors
  • Pets are upset, but you can't find what it is bothering them
  • Home or vehicles need repairs, yet every time you start, something else goes wrong...seems like nothing can be fixed
  • Strange odors, sounds, fleeting visuals
  • A fire, burglary, anger, violence
  • Ready to sell, but no one is making an offer...or even coming to look.

After the Clearing and Shielding of your Property, these things change.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Until I had a Property Clearing years ago, I had no idea how many interferences and challenges the spirit world causes in people's homes. The way to find them and identify them is to shine the light on them, which is exactly what happens with a Property Clearing. They are specifically identified and then removed. In this way, all the fabulous light energies and the marvelous presence of Angels and Helpers can shine forth and bring more peace and beauty into our lives and all the life on Earth.

“I was just at the house with the seller…we both noticed such a huge difference in the feeling there.  She had no idea about what you had done, but she said it felt soothing and completely fresh.  She grew up there and it was remarkable to see her reaction.  Thank you so much for everything."  (L., Realtor)

Property Clearing $253
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