Property Clearing

Includes a phone, video with mp3 recording, or email session . Your choice.

Price $150

A Property Clearing is for home or business - really any kind of land, with or without buildings.

If you have a property that will not sell, or is in foreclosure, this clearing facilitates positive results.

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What is a Property Clearing?

Why do you need one?

Until I had a Property Clearing years ago, I had no idea how prolific and systematic inter-dimensional interferences were. The way to find them and identify them is to shine the light on them, which is exactly what happens with a Property Clearing. They are specifically identified and then removed. In this way, all the fabulous light energies and the marvelous presence of Angels and Helpers can shine forth and bring more peace and beauty into our lives and all the life on Earth.

Here's what we look for:

  • Beginning energy toxicity
  • Negative Portalways
  • Disruptive entities
  • Ghosts & Poltergeists
  • Earthbound Souls & Drifting Souls
  • Negative thought forms
  • Negatively charged objects
  • Wolfpacks
  • Gateways & Gatekeepers
  • Trapped Souls
  • Curses & Spells

Any conditions effecting your property are specifically identified.

They are removed and do not return. Full protective shielding is placed.

We then read the number of positive portalways Angelic beings using them.

Watch the video below for more details:

The clearing must have worked wonders– because right after that, our house energy swiftly transformed — we suddenly felt warmth, clarity, and a strong sense of peace suffusing the home. In previous weeks, it felt like a doomed house– I couldn’t wait to get out and rush back to the frigid apartment. But over the past few days, we’ve been wanting to stay at the new home, and move in as soon as possible. We’ve even been taking naps on our new wool carpet. Ally, who just couldn’t relax at the house before, now feels so cozy there, and doesn’t want to leave! We have fallen in love with the new home. Not just guardians trying to keep it alive, but creative forces working with it to make beauty happen!



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