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Unearth the Wisdom of Your Soul

Experience the profound clarity and transformation that comes from understanding your soul's unique journey.

Dr. Mary talks about your Akashic Soul Profile & Clearing Reading.

Are you ready for an inner journey into your soul's essence?

Are you yearning to understand your life's purpose, your true potential, and the lessons you're here to learn?

Welcome to your Akashic Soul Profile and Clearing Reading -

This is a transformative experience that unveils the unique history and plans of your soul,

and clears away any energetic blocks standing in your path.

Discover Your Soul's Profile in the Akashic Records

Your detailed Akashic Soul Profile Reading provides an in-depth look into your soul's origin, your journey through lifetimes, and your purpose in this current life.

It's like getting a map of your soul's path, helping you understand your innate talents, challenges, and potential.

Clear Your Path with an Energetic Clearing Reading

Along with understanding your soul's profile, it's crucial to clear away

the energetic blocks that might be holding you back.

Our Akashic Clearing identifies these blocks and clears them,

paving the way for spiritual growth and personal evolution.

Transform Your Life

With the wisdom gained from your Soul Profile and the liberation from your Clearing,

you're empowered to make choices aligned with your highest good.

You can break free from patterns that no longer serve you and step into a life of greater joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

Are you ready to meet your true self?

Are you ready to clear the path towards your highest potential?

Embrace the journey with our Akashic Soul Profile and Clearing.

Your Akashic Soul Profile & Clearing


Unlock And Understand Your Soul's Unique Journey


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Thoughts from the Community:

Before the soul reading.


Do you find yourself wondering? What is the meaning of life?

Am I really from here?  Why do I feel like I don’t belong? 

Have I lived before?  

Have I known the people that are in my life now, before now?  In other lifetimes?

Why do some people feel so familiar?


Why this person and not that one?


I feel my dad around me all the time, like he is trying to tell me something.  Is this real?

What am I even doing here?  What am I supposed to do?  What is the point of all this?

After the soul reading.

Things make so much more sense to me now.

I hadn't looked at life this way before, but I knew there had to be something more.

The past life that came up in our session is just like what is happening now. 

Now I understand why this is happening.

The contact from my dad was so beautiful, and heart-wrenching at the same time.  Now I know.

That's just how I felt when I met her!

The life purpose thing.  How I am on my path.  That means so much to me.

My Spirit Guides!  Wow.  I feel them with me everyday now. 

Learning how to talk with my Guides, learning to listen to them...the signs they give me...




Before the clearing.

I feel blocked.  I am stuck.  I feel trapped.

I don’t know what to do. 

I feel disconnected from my intuition, like I can’t trust it.  I doubt it.

No matter how different the new relationship looks and feels, it turns out the same.

I cannot meditate.  Can’t quiet my mind, my thoughts.

No matter what I do, I can only get so far, and that’s it.

After the clearing.

I was a little worried about this - would it be scary?  

You said we didn't have to discuss the details.  But I wanted to hear about it.  

What is this unseen world?

It was great to have someone finally talk about negativity, disruption, the "dark side," like it exists.

Glad to know I was not making all this up!  I want a property clearing now!

It's like my mind has opened up.  Thinking more clearly.  Way less anxious.

My next steps are absolutely clear now.  These are things I knew and thought about. 

Taking the first step now.

My relationships.  That was perfect.  Explained them perfectly.

I know how to be in this relationship now.  I understand it. 

Mary! I can hear my Guides!



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Dear Mary, Thank you again for a life changing reading. Your gifts are beyond words to me, as I still reflect and absorb everything about my soul cleansing. I already feel a profound difference in how I relate to people that were mentioned in my reading. I am in awe as to how accurate the information was for my life right now. The day of my reading I woke up with such heaviness and despair and the reading helped lighten my soul on so many levels. You and your gifts and skills are truly life-changing, thank you seems so trite. I look forward to the spirit guide reading in September as well!