The Inner Knowing 

What are you going to do?

Do I send my children to school? Go to the doctor for a physical? Will my old job come back? Look for a new job? Is it possible to start my own business? Do we need to move? Where can I find help? Who can I help?

The Akashic Chat - $50

Any question you have has its answer in your Akashic Record.

In this 30 minute session, by phone or video chat (including a recording), you can ask your important questions, find out what your Akashic Record has to say, and have your Spirit Guides weigh in on the best way to proceed in the moment.

This is a direct Question & Answer session.

Research in your Akashic Record and connecting with your Spirit Guides occurs during the time of the session.

When you register with the link below, we will email you within an hour or two to schedule your session.

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"We live in incredible times.  

Contradictory and biased information is presented as factual in media, our education systems, and science. Who and what are we to believe?  

Within our grasp is knowing the truth in every situation and circumstance. We can access this truth quickly and efficiently, this inner wisdom, by using our intuition in precise ways.  

Our mission is to teach you how to do this. Join us. There is no time to waste!"  

- Mary Baxter, PhD -  

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