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(Recommendation from Karen F. - Psychologist)

"I have spent my entire life trying to make sense of my life, the family my soul chose, and relationship

patterns I've attracted.  Much of the time I've felt like I was crawling under a wet, wool blanket in search of

something I could not yet describe.  On this journey I have tried many different modalities and have always

been left with "just a piece" closer to what feels like an adequate understanding.  So it has not all been lost,

but what we uncovered in today's chart reading was the icing on the cake, the core piece I've needed for so

long, to free myself from this prison I have been living in.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am so

grateful to have met you along the way in my journey to freedom! 

I highly recommend your services without any reservations!"

Akashic Readings & Clearings
Akashic Readings & Clearings
Pendulum Dowsing

I am looking forward to reading the Akashic Records for you!

Want to know more about the Akashic Records? Click this link for my interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove on his show, New Thinking Allowed!

Sending LOVE ~

Dr. Mary

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