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Welcome to The Inner Knowing, a sanctuary in the Akashic Field where you can discover deep connections with your Soul, your Spirit Guides and come to understand your life in profound new ways.

Do you feel like sometimes the quest for inner wisdom and clarity can feel like navigating a maze?

 Here is a safe space to connect more deeply to your intuition and gain the powerful insights contained in your Akashic Record.

Let me, Dr. Mary, serve as your Intuitive Consultant and Akashic Reader.  All of this work is dedicated to helping you live your best life through understanding your unique spiritual journey 

As you explore our site, you'll discover a wealth of resources designed to inspire and empower you to enter the Akashic perspective. 

From our practical Intuition 101 course, to enlightening Akashic Readings & Clearings, every offering is designed to further unlock the door to your intuition, your inner wisdom, your inner knowing.  

Whether you're seeking personal growth, emotional healing from trauma, or craving to live more intuitively,you'll find the tools and guidance you need right here.

Immerse yourself in the Akashic atmosphere of our tranquil home on the river, as we journey together toward deeper self-awareness,peace, and fulfillment. 

Delve into the journey of your Soul, 

You are welcome here to a transformative journey of continuous self-discovery at The Inner Knowing.  

Want more confidence in your intuition? We can help.

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